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About Us

Our company, Karat Tekstil, is manufacturer’s high quality full range of Clothing and ‘’ Quality Control Center ’’ in all fields of garment production. We offer the finest services to customers in various sectors. Our company well equipped with the latest machines and professional skilled workers to meet the standards quality. We pride ourselves in the ability to meet specific needs of customers, by keeping a vast selection of materials in stock.

We have built an undisputed reputation for the best customer care.

Main product lines are;

-Polo shirts, T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies and zipped sweat coats etc.

-Gastronomy items, aprons for Cook, waiter/waitress, bistro, bar and men’s shirts and ladies’ blouses


-Hospitality & Health Uniforms

-Children’s wear

-Promotional Items

-School Unıforms

-Hotels Uniforms

-100 % Polyester Functional shirts,

-Bags, Pillows, Neck pillows &Covers, Table covers, Polar blankets.

-Towels (Embroidery & Printed) and all kind of wear made by towel.

All orders are being produced by the supervision of our quality team in house or by our long term subcontractors located in the area close to our company.


Textile and Garment production of our company started 1n 1970’s with the initiation of our father, Ferhat Şen, who used to be consultant to big textile factories in Adana area.

We, Karat Tekstil, started in 1995 and then in the year 2000 we started to deal wth US company called ‘’AAFES’’(Army and Airforce Exchange Services) and supplied them for 4 years.

Since the beginning of 2005, we started with ‘’promotional products’’ in European market and Our company product export to still dealing with clients in Germany, Switzerland ,Austria and other Europe countries.


To follow up all the progress and innovations in business world and a dot ourselves the same.


Not only selling products to customers but to find solutions in order to build up long term business possibilities with our production partner as the idea and thoughts of our father, DELIVERY ON TIME, PRICE and QUALITY.

-Price and quality is nothing unless the goods not delivered on time,

-Price and Delivery is not important if quality is unsatisfied.

We are always in close relation with our customers and together with them whenever they need.

Select your interesting product category we have ability to supply you best quality with very competitive price and excellent workmanship along with in time delivery.

Please don't hesitate to contact with us if you have any further question or would like to make counter samples of any of your style.

We look forward to hear back from you soon.